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I wanna win and that’s it

„ I wanna win and that’s it” sang Aleksandra Idkowska from Poznań. She was convincing enough to receive a nomination to 38 International Children Song and Dance Festival in Konin. Those, who also “wanted to win” a nomination this year appeared in the number of 420. Every fourth singer got it. 

The eliminations of young artists who tried for the 38 Festival lasted 3-5 March in Koniński Dom Kultury. There were 420 of them, but if we count all, including vocal group members, the number grew to about 550 artists aged 4 – 16. They performed solo, duet or as a group. The artistic commission: Wanda Kwietniewska (singer, composer, song writer), Joanna Stefańska-Matraszek (soloist of Warszawska Opera Kameralna), Janusz Tylman (musician, composer, musical plays author) and Ryszard J. Piotrowski (pedagogue, conductor of Konin Band Orchestra accompanying artists during the Festival) had a lot of work and dilemmas who to hand a nomination. They scored points from 1 to 10 and the participants who scored most received a nomination.
 The greatest number of nominations, that is 27, was handed in the youngest group to 8 years of age. In the category 9-11 there were 21 nominations, 12-13 received 19 and 14-16 got 24. Among 23 nominations for groups, 9 nominations were given to those in the category of up to 12 years of age ,and the remaining 14 went to the category of 13-16 years of age.
 It’s too early to discuss the level of presentations but one thing we know for sure: each performer together with their instructors put great effort. Lots of your interpretations sent shivers up our spine. You were all fantastic, however, you can still work on the repertoire so that it goes well with your age and vocal skills. As it you who should fulfill your dreams.
In three months’ time (7-11 June) we are meeting again with the nominees. This time not only Polish performers but also foreigners will have a chance to present themselves live. You still have 90 days to master your vocal and interpretation skills. If Phileas Fogg, the character of Julius Verne’s book, managed to sail round the world in 80 days, then you too can shine on the stage at the beginning of June. We keep our fingers crossed. So long!